Blog Method in Content Marketing Gains Brand Reputation, Customer and Turnover

Brands that allocate large budgets for marketing and benefit from the latest technology meet with the consumer when they show the same care and interest in content management; can increase brand perception. While the Digital Exchange team said, "It is necessary to act with a professional team and constantly update the content," on blogging, which is the main vein of content marketing, Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, said, "Brands that produce blog content in accordance with the Google SEO algorithm can be successful."

Brands organize marketing campaigns by taking advantage of the latest opportunities of developing technology to promote their products and services, increase turnover and raise their reputation. The path of advertising, which started 150 years ago with newspaper advertisements, first progressed through radio, then television, and then internet sites. Marketing, which consists of graphics and photographs, has evolved over time in the field of GIFs, videos, 8K live broadcasts, and metavarse. Social media, whose number of users exceeds 4.5 billion today, is the heart of both shopping and marketing, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn. While the budgets allocated to Influencers, the marketing specialists of social media, are increasing with each passing hour, brands that are not satisfied with this are struggling to find the most suitable method for their product and service in a wide range of options from call tracking to video marketing and neuromarketing. Despite all this huge activity, content marketing, that is, blog management, is at the center of the marketing ecosystem. Digital Exchange's expert marketing team gave important warnings to brands about blog management.

Content Marketing Is The Heart Of Marketing

Stating that the blog management directly manages the shopping habits and aims to inform the consumer, the expert team of Digital Exchange used the following statements: “Content marketing is one of the most important marketing issues today. The brand that describes a product and service in the most detailed way increases its reputation as well as its turnover. The first and most effective method to be used for this is to create a blog. No matter what business line you are in, which product and service you buy, you must have a blog page. Because today, customers want to shop from corporate companies. It is very important in terms of customer satisfaction rules to find an interlocutor in the face of a problem and to stay in touch with them. One of the factors that make a brand institutional is an official website that is very well designed and managed with the same quality. The stronger you are on the web, the stronger your brand's perception, structure, reputation and turnover will be. But focusing solely on sales does not add greatness to a brand. It is very important to get content management right here.”

It Is Important To Write According To The SEO Algorithm

Stating that the consumer who is going to purchase a product and service prefers to watch at least 2 videos on the subject today, the Digital Exchange marketing team said: “More than 80 percent of the shopping is done online. In addition, Google search for the product is also a very popular method. As such, creating and managing a blog is an obligation for brands. So, what should we do about blog content, which is the second and most important problem that we come across when we decide to create a blog?

Blogs consist of articles created with keywords suitable for SEO, that is, search engine optimization, which is Google's search algorithm, written by the professionals of the business, aiming to gain experience through information, education and reading.

It is also supported and enriched with various visuals and info graphics.

When creating a blog, it is very important to work in accordance with Google's SEO algorithm, which holds more than 80 percent of the world search engine market and is used and established by more than 90 percent in Turkey.

If you are going to create a blog for a cosmetics or technology company, you should start with the choice of keywords for the product you are dealing with. Thus, your blog page will be at the top of Google searches and become the first preferred medium.”

Trillion-Dollar Brands Are Also Making

Emphasizing that today, all corporate companies, whether global or local, attach great importance to blog management, the Digital Exchange team stated that they carry out this without interrupting other marketing activities. Using the phrase "Even if they are trillion-dollar brands, they know the importance of content marketing and they do it with blog management despite all Influencer marketing, social and traditional media advertisements for content marketing", the Digital Exchange team made the following assessment: and they compete with each other. According to research, 77 percent of internet users prefer to read blogs before shopping. Again, brands with blogs are clicked more than 80 percent more than others.”

For a correct blog management, the Digital Exchange team listed the following items:

Creating the blog page design and leaving a few articles in it to cut off the relationship with the blog will do more harm than good.

Blog pages that are active and published up to 20 articles are visited more than their competitors.

Brands should manage their blog pages with professional teams.

It should be constantly updated. And should invest.

Content Marketing Must Have Continuity

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, stated that it would not be enough to find good writers with a professional team, good design, visual and video production to create a blog, and said, “Let's say you wanted to create a blog for your brand in the light of all this information. You made a good design. You've agreed with several bloggers. But here we need to open another parenthesis. The fact that blog posts are written by professionals is one of the factors that increase the quality and awareness of the articles. Brands should use the articles they receive from various departments according to their business lines, or they should make an agreement with a professional blog management and they should create the relevant articles by giving various royalties to the relevant experts. However, in this way, a blog management is created in which there are 15-20 articles per month, this is supported by graphics and images, SEO keywords are used, and the consumer is attracted to this area. However, the work is not limited to this.”

Generations to be addressed should be well chosen

Explaining that determining the target audience is the heart of all marketing activities, Pamuk said, “Defining the target audience correctly constitutes the main starting philosophy and rule of all marketing campaigns. Therefore, after determining which target audience the content on the blog page will address, it is necessary to produce special content for the Z, Y and X generations, and to focus on their likes, desires and curiosity.

Emrah Pamuk, explaining that a program should be made for the blog page, listed the items as follows:

Accepting the idea of creating the blog page

Getting professional help for a blog page

Creating a design that aligns with the brand

Benefiting from the internal dynamics of the brand for content and when appropriate, asking outside professionals to write blogs with copyright

Identifying the target audience and producing appropriate content

Placing the produced materials in accordance with the Google algorithm SEO optimization is not overlooked

Feeding the blog up to 20 posts per month

Competitor Analysis Should Also Be Performed

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, explained that it is also important to follow the competitors in content marketing and said, “The brand blog page should be constantly renewed and improved, along with tracking which materials are used in their content and competitor analysis. It is ensured that the blog pages where these rules are applied create a quality archive that is more efficient, brings more customers to the company and becomes a brand in its field by creating its own identity. It would be an important step forward in terms of content marketing," he said.


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