Brands That Do Call Tracking Use Their Advertising Budget Correctly


While brands allocate significant figures from their turnover for marketing throughout the year, they want this to be reflected in their sales, awareness and reputation. In reality, success can be achieved as much as it can be measured.

Stating that advertising expenditures, customer experience and future plans can be measured with 96 percent accuracy with call tracking method, the expert team of Digital Exchange said, "Managers who think about the present and future of their company determine the most accurate roadmap by analyzing incoming calls." Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, said, “Brands that analyze their competitors with call tracking carry themselves into the future.”

While advertising expenditures in Turkey reached 17 billion TL in the first half of 2022, brands continue their marketing race with their competitors by allocating significant budgets in direct proportion to their turnover targets. It is possible to market and be successful with low budgets, but the most modest cost of a total marketing with digital, traditional and billboard starts from a few hundred thousand dollars. At the end of the year, the marketing budget of the new year is tried to be created by comparing the advertising expenditures with the turnover. Considering that advertising does not always bring sales, it also provides reputation and awareness to brands, an accurate measurement system is required to make the budgets spent for marketing more efficient. Call tracking method stands out as a marketing activity that all brands should implement, regardless of size. But doing call tracking alone does not provide sufficient results. The expert team of Digital Exchange, which operates in many fields from digital marketing to market place management in 128 countries, made various suggestions to brands regarding the right call tracking method to measure and improve their marketing results.

To Test the Strength of the Campaign

Reminding that the weight of advertisements has shifted to digital media by 50 percent today, and that Google and Yandex searches have also turned into an important marketing activity, the marketing team of Digital Exchange said, “Although Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Influencer on YouTube, video marketing, Although many more advertising methods such as neuromarketing are finding a place for themselves with increasing budgets, it becomes a necessity to ensure that brands get the best return for this financial sacrifice.” At this point, the Digital Exchange team underlined that measuring the communication of customers with the brand as a result of the advertising campaigns they participated in is a necessity both to evaluate the current campaign and to determine the right marketing methods for the future. they need to use large and small budgets in the most correct way”.

Incoming Calls to Number Are Recorded

Stating that call tracking is a data collection process that takes place over the phone number that the brand advertises in digital or traditional media newspapers, TV, and radio, the Digital Exchange team shared the following information: It is a software system for analyzing incoming call traffic. Search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, social media accounts such as Meta (FB-IG), Linkedin, TikTok, YouTube, VK, Twitter, digital and traditional marketing, that is, national and local websites, newspapers, TVs, billboards. A call number is assigned to the advertisements that are broadcast. The call tracking system allows you to analyze incoming calls to this number and to plan your ads in the most efficient way. At the end of the day, managers who think about the present and future of their company analyze the incoming calls and determine the most accurate roadmap.”

Unmeasured Success Cannot Be Talked About

Stating that the call tracking method is the most suitable model for brands to understand in which area they can fully reach the target audience with the advertisement they place, the Digital Exchange team said, “The budgets spent on advertisements are very important for large or small businesses. It should be used in the most efficient way. It is not possible to talk about whether a marketing activity whose returns cannot be determined, that is, cannot be measured, is successful or not. At this point, the call tracking method comes into play.”

Brings Many Advantages at the Same Time

The Digital Exchange team listed the following benefits for customers through the number forwarded by call tracking:

It is determined from which advertising source the call came. Thus, that advertising resource is invested.

It is clear where the call came from at what time. Accordingly, local advertising channels are used more efficiently.

Customers' conversations are recorded. It provides data for requests, requests, complaints and feedback.

The number of the customer who cannot reach the phone number is determined and a return is provided to him.

All incoming calls are analyzed, which product and service is more suitable for which customer, and it is used for future campaigns.

All obtained data is easily reported to the managers and presented.

By registering the phones of the customers, it is possible to reach them later for other campaigns.

Key Data for Competitor Analysis

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, stated that competitor analysis is one of the jobs that brands spend the most time, budget and overtime.

Pamuk said, “Brands that purchase tracking and monitoring services from many different channels in order to analyze their competitors can obtain important data through call tracking.” Customers who express this are asked about the "competitor's product and service". It's a kind of survey. By creating a competitor analysis in the healthiest way, field research is started for the marketing activities of the product and service. Brands that analyze competitors with call tracking carry themselves into the future.”

Provides 96% Accuracy

Emrah Pamuk explains that data is created with 96 percent accuracy in call tracking. “Thanks to the developing technology, the data of call tracking provides 96% accuracy. This constitutes a very important data set. With this method, it is ensured that not only customers but also potential customers get to know the brand, product and service by communicating.”


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