ChatGPT Will Completely Change the Rules of the Marketing World

ChatGPT technology, which has a great impact in the world, comes with breakthrough developments in the field of marketing. Before organizing a campaign, questions such as Influencer, target audience, budget will be directed to ChatGPT, and marketing professionals will turn the answers into social media advertisements. The expert team of Digital Exchange stated that the innovations that ChatGPT will bring to the marketing world, combined with the human factor, will bring great success to the brands.

Advances in technology are rapidly shaping the world. The biggest change is the marketing market. Advertisers aim to reach more consumers by using the latest technology in a more impressive way. For this reason, the marketing industry is both the closest follower and the first user of the latest technology. In the early 2000s, when the first steps of social media were taken in the world, marketing activities started with the photo-graphic poster method through the first Influencers, first GIFs, then short videos, then live broadcasts, and finally augmented reality, deepfake, depending on the technological transformation. , 8K Ultra HD video and Metavarse marketing started. In parallel with the transformation of social media, which has reached 4.5 billion followers, into the world's largest shopping mall, the marketing world has also accelerated its relationship with technology. The world of marketing began to be shaped by the fact that ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence of the OpenAI company, which was released in 2020 and the third version of which was released in November 2022, gave written and verbal answers to the questions after the analysis it carried out using an advanced language program. The expert team of Digital Exchange, which carries out many activities in digital marketing in more than 120 countries, explained the effects of ChatGPT in the advertising industry.

Will Give Answers to Questions

Stating that the marketing activity is the job of giving accurate and effective answers to the questions, the marketing team of Digital Exchange stated that with the widespread use of ChatGPT, the question formats will change both on the brand and marketing side. Reminding that with the 3rd version of ChatGPT, comprehensive and in-depth artificial intelligence answers were given to the questions, the Digital Exchange team said: “Identifying the target audience before marketing, determining the product and service suitable for them, which Influencer will be preferred, which method will be associated with Influencer. There are many questions such as the revenue model to be applied, the marketing method, which social media it will be published on, whether the consumer will be directed to the brand or another seller to buy the product at the end of the marketing. The most correct answers to these pave the way for qualified marketing. Until now, we were doing the questions together with an effective archive work. Today, with the existence of ChatGPT, all known and unknown data will be processed and the answers will come out with artificial intelligence, which will make marketing activities easier.”

Ingenious Projects Will Be Signed

Stating that ChatGPT will make great contributions to e-mail, blog marketing and advertising script writing, the Digital Exchange team used the following statements:

“A significant part of our business is email marketing, blogging and advertising script. In other words, the idea of the text and being able to put it on paper in accordance with the idea is very important. Marketing requires great speed. It wants you to produce the most accurate text in the fastest time. With ChatGPT, it is possible to identify the product and service to be marketed in the most accurate way thanks to artificial intelligence, and to present the necessary texts in the most qualified way. Therefore, it is possible for ChatGPT to sign many ingenious projects in the marketing sector in a short time. On the other hand, we think that all brands that do marketing on social media, especially technology companies, will want to continue their business with ChatGPT. But it should not be forgotten that ChatGPT itself thinks that without the human factor, the information it has cannot fully reflect on the field. For this reason, it is necessary to think about the scenario where technology helps the human factor, and act accordingly.”

Harmony with Human Will Create Great Success

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, stated that ChatGPT is currently the biggest assistant of the marketing industry to develop original ideas and write fast and effective texts, and said, “With the development of technology, a debate is walking along with it. There is a concern that those who work in fields such as journalists, copywriters, teachers, screenwriters, finance, software engineering, graphic design will be unemployed. “If the marketing industry makes ChatGPT compatible with people instead of replacing the human factor, brands will win.”

Lifetime Customer Potential Coming

Emrah Pamuk, listing the qualities that ChatGPT will bring to the marketing industry, used the following expressions: "Describing that a change is inevitable in every technological innovation, Pamuk said, "With the introduction of 6G into our lives, the consumer will be able to enjoy the taste of a chocolate that is marketed soon. He will be able to smell a coffee. We are open to any new technology. With ChatGPT's powerful features, you can use it to help your leads move efficiently through your sales process. People often choose to text your support team rather than call them, and with a tool like ChatGPT it's possible to increase your chances of turning them into customers for life. So, with ChatGPT, an interactive AI marketing tool that lets you take your business to the next level, you can take your new leads with an easy but solid start on the customer's journey.”


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