Confidence Campaigns on Black Friday Bring Brand Loyal Customers


Before the upcoming Black Friday, the Digital Exchange team, a world brand in social media marketing, made a series of suggestions to companies. Emphasizing the importance of publishing content for safe shopping as well as the emphasis on cheapness in campaigns, the Digital Exchange team stated that the loyal customer portfolio will gain in the long run, and said, "The emphasis on cheapness is important in campaigns, but brands that do not cheapen themselves, those who include product information, understand and think about the consumer will gain." Digital Exchange CEO Emrah Pamuk warned consumers about fake products and unrecognized influencers and gave tips for safe shopping.

The e-commerce sector, whose contribution to the world ecosystem is 5.5 trillion dollars, and the offline shopping chains, whose number of visitors are increasing every hour in the new normal period, are locked in Black Friday, where they realize 25 percent of their turnover. While the brands that plan the product, campaign and supply chain of this period throughout the year expect a significant return from Black Friday on November 25, the consumer, who left their needs to this period where discounts of up to 80 percent are experienced due to the increase in exchange rates and inflation, are watching the marketing campaigns with enthusiasm. While the average basket average of 249 TL in 2021 is expected to exceed 500-600 TL this year, depending on the increase in the exchange rate, which exceeds 100 percent, the stars of Black Friday will be electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets and headphones, as every year. At this point, the marketing team of Digital Exchange, which offers Black Friday campaign offers to brands, gave a series of warnings to consumers in order not to be scammed while shopping for campaigns.

It is Necessary to Explain the Product Fully and Completely

Noting that more than 181,000 orders worth 45.5 billion TL were placed in Turkey during Black Friday in 2021, the Digital Exchange marketing team underlined that many companies have been working for a long time to get a bigger share from this cake. “The essence of the campaigns during the Black Friday period is determined by the discounts. Stating that the emphasis on cheapness is important in campaigns, but brands that do not cheapen themselves, those who include product information, understand and think about the consumer will gain, the Digital Exchange team conveyed the following information to the brands:

“Google data reveals that the interest in Black Friday discounts in the world has increased by 117 percent in the last 5 years. This increase is expected to continue with a rapid acceleration in 2022 as well. Many e-commerce companies get 20-25 percent of their annual turnover on Black Friday. The impact of Black Friday campaigns on turnover and customer loyalty is indisputable. There are more than 60 million social media users in Turkey. They spend more than 8 hours of their day on the Internet, mostly on mobile devices. Black Friday campaigns are also closely monitored. Depending on the economic developments in Turkey, discounts will be much more prominent this year. Brands cannot differentiate themselves from their competitors by only prioritizing the discount.

-Image-video of the product

- Comments describing the experience

- Discount conditions and return conditions should be stated in the campaign in a complete and understandable way so that consumers can make their choices accordingly.”

Dividend Agreement Makes Budget Efficient

Stating that social media marketing is indispensable for Black Friday, the Digital Exchange team gave the following information:

“Today, social media channels are the biggest shopping center in the world. Consumers closely follow the campaigns here and follow Influencers. The social media accounts where the campaigns of the brands are concentrated are listed as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter. Brands that want to make a Black Friday campaign here,

- Define the target audience

-Choose the appropriate influencer for the target

-Make an agreement with the Influencer for Affiliatte Marketing, that is, to get a share from the sale. Thus, instead of the fixed fee that the Influencer wants per share, brands can use their budgets more efficiently in direct proportion to the Influencer's performance.”

The Goal Should Be Establishing a Year-Long Relationship

Stating that brands choose to go for big discounts on electronic products during Black Friday periods, and that there is a significant interest in products that are consumed a lot, especially clothes, shoes and cosmetics, the Digital Exchange marketing team says, “Brands would like to emphasize that they have the cheapest product in their campaigns. The important thing is that the brand can spread the shopping relationship it established with the consumer on Black Friday throughout the year. Thus, the way to create a customer loyalty is through marketing that focuses on the consumer. Brands that know their needs, analyze their budgets, calculate the value for their money, fully explain the product presentation and shipping process, and manage a comprehensive campaign for this will create a customer population that prefers them not only on Black Friday, but also throughout the year.

Very Cheap Product Advertisements Should Be Approached Carefully

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, said that Black Friday is not only a shopping festival but also an opportunity for counterfeiters to bring brands' quality products well below the market value, and warned that consumers should be careful while watching their marketing campaigns. Pamuk warned that "Not every marketing work carries good intentions" and added, "The fraudsters who take Black Friday as an opportunity offer a large number of poor quality and fake products to the market. They do this by exploiting some of the vulnerabilities of the marketplaces. It is always necessary to pay attention to the very low price. Consumers should consider the posts of the Influencers they follow. It should always arouse suspicion when an Influencer they do not know and who has not been active before is marketing a product far below the market value, too cheap to match the shopping realities. Consumers should not shop from the first place they see just because it is cheap. You should definitely look at the seller's rating, read their comments, and request information about the product from them," he said.

Campaigns to Protect Consumers Are Popular

Emphasizing that it is important for brands to make consumer awareness campaigns in order to create a loyal customer portfolio, Pamuk said, “In terms of budget use, if brands undertake activities aimed at raising consumer awareness, protecting their budgets and shopping health as well as social media influencer work, video marketing and affiliate methods, they will gain both preference and preference in the eyes of the customers. They become a preferred and recommended brand and perform their reputation management”.


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