Digital Data Analysis and Measurement for Long-Term Marketing

The team of Digital Exchange provided brands with important information on measuring their digital marketing activities.

As digital marketing budgets increase day by day, measuring and analyzing the impact of marketing becomes just as important. While the expert team of Digital Exchange uses the phrase "An unmeasured marketing activity is deemed not done", it emphasizes the importance of a series of analyzes from the visit of the brand site to the Google search of the product after Influencer marketing. Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, warned, “Even if you spend millions of dollars, unmeasured and unanalyzed marketing work will cause much more harm than this.”

Brands allocate important items in their annual spending budgets for digital marketing. According to research, 70% of advertising budgets are spent on social media marketing activities. Today, 4.5 billion people worldwide and 68 million people in Turkey are social media users. Influencer tracking, watching videos and following marketing activities for various gifts and discounts are also among the most frequent social media actions. Along with these figures, the social media marketing activities of brands are increasing day by day. So, how is the return of marketing activity on social media measured? Do sales figures only indicate success or failure? The brand cannot measure the benefit it gains from digital marketing without digital analysis and reporting, that is, without the traffic coming to the site with the social media marketing work, and the research on the product and service promoted in the search engines. The expert team of Digital Exchange, one of the companies that emphasize the importance of data analysis in marketing, provided important information to brands about measuring their digital marketing activities.

Many Important Criteria Stating that a social media marketing effort cannot be fully measured without digital analysis and reporting, and this can lead to both negative and misleading results for the brand, the Digital Exchange team said, “The success of the marketing work cannot be measured by the turnover, the number of products sold, or the comments about the campaign. For this, many methods must be applied. Without data, the success of a campaign cannot be measured. In fact, a marketing activity that is not measured is ignored.” Stating that there are many criteria for data measurement, the Digital Exchange team underlined the following points:

“These data must be included in the digital analysis and reporting:

The number of logins to the sales site,

How many consumers review the product,

How long it stays on the site for shopping,

Whether he made the purchase from the official site or from another online site,

How many people call the site phone given in Influencer marketing,

What answers the employees give to them, what questions and problems they encounter,

At what rate the product and service is searched on Google after the marketing study,

What other products and services are searchers looking for?”

It should be done for the brand's awareness perception

Underlining that measuring and evaluating gives healthy results for marketing, the Digital Exchange Team said, “The fact that a campaign goes viral on social media, there are many conversations about it, and comments are not an indication of the success of the marketing activity. For this reason, digital analyzes are of great importance in the processes of deciding on the influencer selection, the positioning of the product, the marketing content, at what time and in which channel, and most importantly for which audience. It is important to know the influencer, to know the work he has done before and to see the digital analysis reports of it. Brand awareness perception plays a role in reputation marketing processes. After considering all these, the reports that will be made during the campaign make important contributions in terms of the continuity of the next campaign, the efficient use of the budget and the correct perception of the brand reputation. The information you cannot measure does not belong to you. Even if you have made the most expensive campaign in the world, the important thing is that you have the data about the campaign.

The Marketing Era That Cares About The Consumer

Digital Exchange CEO Emrah Pamuk stated that there are Outbound and Inbound methods in marketing, and that Inbound has reached a more important point today. Pamuk says, "A campaign is organized with the power of doing marketing without analyzing the target audience in outbound marketing," said Pamuk, "Even if you spend millions of dollars, unmeasured and unanalyzed marketing work will cause much more damage than this. Today, every penny spent by brands on marketing should have a return. For this, it is necessary to recognize the audience to be marketed, establish brand reputation and create a good customer experience. The most basic way of these is through inbound marketing. If you have a powerful SEO content creation tool, search engine marketing, landing page, content and social media power, you have an advantage in inbound marketing. In order to do all these, you will need digital reporting, measurement and evaluation.”

Evaluating Data Brings You Earning

Explaining that website traffic can be seen easily today, Pamuk said, “The important thing is to analyze the numbers before and after your marketing activity. Like this

Is the Influencer you collaborated with the right person?

How high are the sales rates,

What did the target audience think about the campaign?

By answering questions such as how the brand perception was handled in the search results, data is obtained at the point of the healthy execution of the campaign. This ensures that the next campaign of the brand is born in a healthy way while it is still in the idea stage, it brings the brand to gain more traffic, increase its reputation, and experience economic success due to sales. You can grow as much as the data you can measure and process. It is the best method to act without forgetting this element in marketing. Thus, the power of informative activities and marketing activities that are not directly sales-oriented, such as social media marketing, sending e-mails, social media shares and blog pages, but which serve to establish a bond with the customer, are measured. Accordingly, the budget begins to be used correctly," he said.


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