Digital Marketing Trends Will Be Indispensable In 2023


The expert team of Digital Exchange, which gives the marketing trends of 2023, stated that artificial intelligence, Metaverse, NFT, Video and Podcast marketing activities will be the most popular tools next year. Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, underlined that the rise in influencer marketing will continue in 2023.

Turkey and the world have had their share of local and global economic fluctuations in 2022. Thus, while significant changes occur in marketing and shopping habits, technological innovations that make its development continuous continue to renew marketing trends. At this point, many firsts are trying to enter our lives, and the marketing world and brands are trying to adapt to this. Until a short time ago, even the brands' own internet sales stores were limited in number, today virtual stores are opened in the metaverse world, and marketing strategies are developed through NFT, which is given great importance by the Y and Z generations.

The expert team of Digital Exchange, which directs the marketing strategies in more than 120 countries, gave many tips to the brands under the title of 2023 Digital Marketing Trends.

Video Marketing Will Rise With Podcasts

Stating that the golden age of technology was experienced in 2022 in the marketing world, the expert team of Digital Exchange said, "This year, there has been a radical change in the field of audio, especially in video marketing, especially in social media marketing." Explaining that brands attach special importance to video with podcasts and that they do this in order to catch up with the Y and Z generation, the Digital Exchange team shared the following information:

“Podscast has been in our lives since 2004, but its development reached 2015. While the number of podcasts published in the world that year was 51 thousand, this number exceeded 4 million 113 thousand in the first quarter of 2022. The number is thought to be increasing day by day. With the epidemic period, the podcast gained a large audience in terms of the diversification of social media. Brands have also started to market in this area. Podcast marketing in Turkey continues with great momentum and it is possible to say that it will find a wide area for itself in 2023, as it did in 2022. Although listening to podcasts on Spotify is the first choice in Turkey, Soundcloud, Downcast and Apple Podcast are also among the big channels.

On the other hand, we all love watching videos. 92% of internet users watch at least 1 video per day. Consumers who want to shop also prefer to watch the video of the product and service they will buy first. In this sense, 2022 passed with great activity in YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels. In 2023, there will be serious breakthroughs in video marketing."

The Metaverse Race Has Already Begun

The Digital Exchange team stated that one of the most active marketing areas for 2023 will be the metaverse;

“Even though the metaverse has not yet fully entered our lives, the brands that missed or later caught the internet revolution continue to compete to be ahead in the metaverse. There will be thousands of metaverse realms in the near future. The desire to find the metaverse, which is the most followed, the most watched and the number of users, to open a store there and to do marketing is at a high level. Regarding him, the employment of marketing teams that use technology in the best way to carry out these marketing activities in the metaverse will increase in 2023, as it did in 2022.”

Artificial Intelligence Ahead with ChatGPT

Stating that artificial intelligence will also be effective in 2023, the Digital Exchange team said;

“AI-generated content has become a much larger feature of digital and content marketing, including local search, such as ChatGPT. Google also uses machine learning to automatically translate any language quickly. We'll soon see several AI models like the GPT-4, which is heavily used to solve complex problems, from image search to automated rendering and translation of content. The key to winning will be to define and align your business goals, key drivers, key metrics to monitor, and solutions to help you meet those benchmarks.”

New Area for the Tourism Sector

The Digital Exchange team stated that with the advancement of VR and AR technologies, brands in the field of tourism have shifted to this point in their marketing activities;

“Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies open up many marketing possibilities. Now, when you want to visit a city or stay in a hotel, it will be possible to see all the details with these glasses and to really experience the feeling of being there by going to that facility. Thus, it is necessary to expect the video marketing field on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube to gradually shift here at the point of tourism.”

Influencer Communication Will Keep Its Importance

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, stated that the 2022 marketing trends will continue to exist in 2023;

“Digital trends are constantly changing. Until recently, opening and managing the brands' internet sales sites, product supply and customer satisfaction were in the first place, but now opening a store in the metaverse and reaching the Y and Z generation with NFT advertisements are among the new requirements.

Pamuk explained that social media channels have turned into a huge shopping center with 4.5 billion members;

“Inevitably, social media marketing will always remain the most important trend of the year. Here we see the importance of Influencer communication. Influencer communication was also very important in Turkey and in the world in 2022. Whether macro or micro influencer, studies in this field will become more important every day as social media gradually replaces traditional media. Many creators are innovating with shorter, “immediate consumption” content to meet the needs of these viewers. These creators are having huge success. “Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts are becoming a huge opportunity for advertisers.”

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, who explained that influencer marketing will increase its volume, said, “Influencer marketing is growing rapidly and it is even faster than social media marketing.” Pamuk added the following words:

“Consumers compile information and follow expert opinions from Influencers they trust before making purchasing decisions. In 2023, brands will benefit from:

  1. Building an expert community of influencers
  2. Providing the most informative, helpful content in the most interactive way
  3. Align various KPIs like engagement and clicks to measure success



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