Marketing Turkey Interview


Marketing Turkey Interview with Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange:

Podcasts, a sophisticated individual content production channel, are on their way to becoming the center of attention in the corporate world after the pandemic. Digital Exchange CEO Emrah Pamuk shared up-to-date information about podcasts that provide access to audiences with a high level of education and purchasing power.

With the COVID-19 epidemic, video calls have become one of the most important communication channels, while the content consumption of people staying at home has increased significantly all over the world. So much so that online content channels such as Netflix, YouTube, and even Sony PlayStation have made temporary and regional drops in their broadcast quality in order to balance their bandwidth consumption. This rapid growth in content consumption has also benefited podcasts, which were once known as audio blogging but have gained a healthy momentum in recent years.

This medium, which was called podcasts in the mid-2000s, consists of consecutive audio broadcasts. A podcast, like a radio broadcast, can only be listened to, but episodes are often pre-recorded rather than live. Podcasts can be accessed through channels such as today's popular streaming applications Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, as well as podcast-specific platforms and even YouTube, which is actually a video platform, hosts these broadcasts in abundance.

68 percent of podcast listeners have PhDs

Although individual broadcasting has been at the forefront until now, it can be said that after the coronavirus, the corporate world has discovered podcasts, the usage rate of which is increasing day by day. Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, said, “Today, there are more than 850 thousand podcasts in 100 languages and more than 30 million episodes of them all over the world. Podcasts on social content, news and policy publications, health, business world and comedy allow the corporate world to make both permanent and informative broadcasts. Research reveals the most important advantage of podcasts: According to this, 68 percent of the audiences who listen to podcasts have a doctorate, 56 percent have a master's degree, and 45 percent have a university education. 45% of the audience is at the middle and upper income level. Therefore, it gives a chance to reach a targeted audience.”

While more than half of podcast listeners are between the ages of 18-45, 80 percent listen to most or all podcasts and have an average of 6 podcast subscriptions. This makes podcasts an important advertising medium. Podcasts, which spent $514 million in advertising around the world last year, are expected to grow by 28 percent this year to reach $659 million.

94% of listeners are active on social media

Stating that podcast listeners are very active in terms of social media usage, Pamuk underlines that 94 percent of the listeners are active in at least one social media channel, which is above the average of the society.

Pamuk continued his words as follows: “As Medialogy, we also include podcasts in our content strategy plans. Podcasts, which play an important role in helping brands reach a valuable audience, are also becoming popular in Turkey. Domestic platforms are also starting to become popular for Turkish podcasts, the number of which exceeds thousands. It is important for brands to create podcast channels with their own content as well as with advertisements, to strengthen communication with consumers and to reach target audiences with high purchasing power and education level.”









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