Metaverse Will Become a Trade and Tourism Area in the Near Future


Speaking to, Digital Exchange Co-Founder and CEO Emrah Pamuk said that the metaverse world, which came to the fore with the name of the company META last year by Facebook and Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg, is an area where all brands will have their stores and will sell in a short time. thinks it will. Stating that the importance of digital marketing for this world has increased even more, Pamuk said that the brands that act quickly will be the leaders of the metaverse, and that the late brands may lag behind local brands even if they are global giants.

"Brands that say 'I'm in' in this change will be able to carry their assets into the future"

Pointing out that the world has reached a new stage in digitalization, Emrah Pamuk said that many firsts, from credit cards to crypto money, from video sending by phone to business meetings and travels with virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR, from video calls to new communication that gives one-to-one the feeling of touch, where taste and smell can be felt, are many firsts in metaverse. He said that he came to life in the world.

Emphasizing that brands are rapidly taking their place in Metaverse and opening virtual stores, but marketing has become so important, Pamuk said, "The world of Metaverse, which came to the agenda of traditional and social media with the sale of land and real estate worth 500 million dollars, will become the heart of commerce and tourism in the near future. If you are a brand that does not exist in the virtual universe, think of it as the situation today of a company that was not involved in the early days of social media. You should know that in the near future you will have difficulty in reaching your sales, turnover and growth targets. For now, although Metaverse is seen as a developing area in the world, only brands that act quickly and say 'I'm in this change' will be able to carry their assets into the future.” he said.

“The first brands to take their place in the metaverse world will take a big wind behind them”

Stating that the brands that are late in their social media investments should be looked at today, Pamuk said that in the early 2000s, it was seen as a luxury for a brand to have its own online sales site or to have a market place in a global and national e-commerce site, but today it is a house that knits lace at home. He said that his wife also sells through e-commerce channels.

Emphasizing that there is no brand that does not have its own sales site or e-export anymore, Pamuk said, “The time users spend on the Internet in Turkey has exceeded 8 hours. They spend most of it on social media. Social media members in Turkey exceeded 60 million. When a brand positions itself in accordance with this great customer and consumer potential by doing digital marketing, it is the winner. Now, the brands that are the first to take their place in the virtual universe and focus on digital marketing will have a big wind behind them in terms of sales, turnover and awareness.” recorded his words.

Pointing out that advertising expenditures in Turkey are increasing day by day and these expenditures are shifting to virtual space, Pamuk said, “According to the reports, advertising expenditures in Turkey grew by 42 percent in 2021, reaching approximately 17 billion TL. With a budget of more than 10 billion TL, digital channels, social media, took the lion's share. These figures are huge, but the important thing is that the brand can get the value of the money it spends. Now, digital marketing experience for social media channels is available not only in professional agencies but also in brands. But the Metaverse realm is also new to brands. From that point on, considering that the share in digital advertising will also grow, the more professionals are worked with for the virtual universe, the better the return for brands will be.” used the phrases.

“We will be able to obtain every product and service from virtual stores opened in the Metaverse world”

Reminding that Mark Zuckerberg, who made the name of his company META and will spend 100 billion dollars for this area, is the owner of the world's largest social media networks Facebook and Instagram, Pamuk said that Zuckerberg earned tens of billions of dollars in advertising revenue annually from these two areas. ha

“So it sets the marketing rules in the virtual world. At this point, if the company has turned its direction to the Metaverse world, brands with investments in this field will be able to survive. In the near future, going to a brand's physical store and shopping physically will be abandoned due to the way and time cost to reach that store and the more expensive it is to acquire products from the real store.

We will be able to obtain every product and service from the virtual stores opened in the Metaverse world. However, there will be so many Metaverse realms and competition will increase that global brands with a hundred billion dollar turnover before digitalization will try to cope with local brands that catch and appeal to consumers in Metaverse. At this point, brands that do marketing through virtual universe influencers just like in social media, manage their store to be opened in the Metaverse world, create a good market place and do one-on-one marketing to their customers will benefit from this business.”




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