The key to export is influencers!


With the warehouse and logistics support provided by the state, the manufacturer's eye is on exports. For brands that want to increase their sales by doing digital marketing, the choice of influencer to cooperate with is among the strategies that will bring success apart from the familiar methods.

Turkey's economic plan to increase exports changed the production, sales and marketing strategies of companies. With the increase in the support provided by the state, companies gain a great economic advantage in exports, while the support provided by the state for overseas offices, warehouses, advertisements and logistics up to a certain kilogram is already continuing. Brands that want to increase their exports and participate in the export attack are also trying to solve the marketing part of the business. For this purpose, companies create high budgets for the operations carried out by their internal communication units. It organizes various digital advertisements with well-known influencers.

Brands are struggling to reach the awareness they want

Although many methods have been tried, from Live Shopping to website redirection, brands are struggling to achieve the awareness, sales and turnover results they want. Working on social media marketing in 126 countries, the expert team of Digital Exchange made a series of suggestions for digital marketing to brands that want to get their share from the export pie, which reached 23.3 billion dollars according to April 2022 figures:

The first step is to analyze the target market

Emphasizing the importance of brands having a Digital Asset Analysis in the region to be entered before organizing a digital marketing campaign, the Digital Exchange team used the following statements:

“Digital Asset Analysis includes search engine results related to your brand in the region to be exported, opening and closing hours of physical stores of brands, if any, that you cooperate with or plan to do, and comments made on the internet about your product and brand. After getting the Digital Asset Analysis right, entering a market and doing digital marketing there provides greater reputation and turnover. For this, it is very important that an expert marketing team both obtains and processes all this data and creates a correct communication strategy. When you do the Digital Asset Analysis, issues that need to be handled by the professional marketing team, such as identifying the target audience, finding the right Influencer, and choosing the marketing method that will increase turnover and reputation, arise.

A marketing network should be established in harmony with the production team

Managerial Factors are marketing mix variables including organizational factors, environmental factors, target market selection, standardization and adaptation decisions. These form the trivets. If one is missing, no matter how big the digital marketing budget is, it cannot be successful. For this reason, it is necessary to determine and implement a digital marketing strategy that is compatible with the brand's own organization for export.

Must be in constant communication with the brand

When the consumer enters the market place and brand sales site for an out-of-stock product, he encounters disappointment and makes negative reviews on social media and in Google's comment section, which lowers the brand's reputation. While doing export-oriented marketing, the marketing team should be in contact with the brand at many points such as production conditions, logistics information and product features, and constantly exchange information. In fact, professional management of the brand's marketplace and internet sales site should also be included in the scope of this cooperation. Thus, it can be ensured that the targeted campaign progresses in harmony with the sales.”

Influencer budget determines campaign success

Stating that the selection of influencers is of vital importance for brands, Digital Exchange CEO Emrah Pamuk said:

“In digital marketing, the awareness of the Influencer in the market, previous studies and whether it works with a budget or by taking a share from the sales should be analyzed well. Firms earn income as long as they sell their products. For this reason, it is important that the agreement with Influencer is in the form of Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing. Thus, instead of charging a fee for a promotion, the Influencer earns as much as the share it receives as long as it increases the sales of the product it promotes. Influencer also takes his money and works to make the campaign more successful instead of thinking about the success of the campaign. The important thing is to find the right Influencer, to determine the target audience and to make an Affiliate Marketing agreement with the Influencer while doing digital marketing.”

Ethnic identity should be considered

The export destination of the brand may be the USA. But there is a serious cultural change in the North and South regions of the USA. For example, if an Influencer study is to be conducted in New Orleans, where the black population is densely populated, ethnic identity should be taken into account. Again, if a brand targeting Austria starts out in this German-speaking country without considering the Austrian dialect, it will not have the expected positive effect. For this reason, while marketing for export, the language spoken in the region, the religious-special days and holidays of the target audience, and the sensitivities towards the products must be taken into account. Studies that will injure the ethnic identity and damage the image of the brand should not be carried out.




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