The Key to Success in the Campaign


Setting goals in digital marketing, where brands allocate significant budgets and the state provides substantial financial support, has become one of the most important issues. Companies that focus on turnover often have difficulty achieving goals such as brand perception, market creation and awareness. Digital Exchange's expert marketing team gave brands tips on how to use their campaign budgets correctly. Accordingly, competitor analysis, using the right influencer and working with a professional team are among the factors that improve the campaign.

Turkey's export-oriented economic policy brought with it advertising and marketing support of up to 25 million TL provided by the state. When brands' own budgets were added to this, the amount spent on campaigns doubled. Campaign targets began to be determined according to the size of the budget spent. So, how do marketing teams set these goals and what methods do they apply to achieve them? Digital Exchange's campaign team, which carries out national and international marketing activities, made a series of suggestions to brands about campaign targets, improvement and performance enhancement methods.

Introducing Yourself Should Be the Brand's First Goal

The Digital Exchange campaign team stated that the first goal is to turn the budget spent in marketing into sales and turnover, and said, “Making sales in accordance with the money spent is the number one goal of all brands. But the goal of every campaign is not primarily money. A brand that will enter a new market must first choose to promote itself. It should describe its product and service. It should try to create its quality and brand perception. It should also turn it into turnover by organizing a continuous campaign event.” At this point, the Digital Exchange campaign team stated that the brands' analysis of rival companies is the most important factor in improving campaign targets and increasing performance, and gave the following information:

“Brands can skip the competitor analysis part, which is a very important factor when examining internal processes and performances for goal setting. However, sectoral analysis is a smart way to understand what moves competitors are making and has an active role in setting targets. Because even if your performance as a marketing company is very good in your measurements, your competitors may be developing faster. That's why competitor analysis is a key point for goals and marketing strategies. At that stage, you should not forget that not everyone is your competitor and it is very important to be selective when identifying your competitors. Even with companies you sell similar products or services to, you may not become a competitor in terms of the target audience you are addressing. Therefore, by identifying your main competitors and understanding their strengths and weaknesses, you can evaluate both threats and opportunities.”

Correct Influencer Use is Important

Stating that working with professionals to improve campaign targets and increase performance will ensure that the steps are taken correctly, the Digital Exchange campaign team said, “The digital world is developing rapidly every day. There are 4.5 billion users on social media. The figure in Turkey reached the 70 million mark. The average internet usage in our country is 8 hours. But that doesn't mean everyone is a potential customer. Customers now apply the strategy of following Influencers who will tell them about the products and services that are suitable for them. Brands should know this. Delivering the appropriate message to the right audience with the right influencer is one of the most important elements that increase the campaign target. It is said that presenting the right product and service to a well-defined target audience by making a competitor analysis constitutes the pillars of success.

Delivers Information, Not Money, to the Target in the Campaign

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, explained that marketing budgets are directly proportional to the size of the brand, the target audience and the accessibility of the product, and said that the first way to increase campaign targets and improve performance is not money, but information. Emphasizing that working with the world's most watched Influencer and offering the biggest shopping discount does not guarantee success, Pamuk said, “Social media campaigns are like navigating an ocean. While navigating a vast and endless water, there will always be storms, unexpected events, deviations from the course and various dangers. Concepts such as the biggest, the most and the most expensive in social media are now left behind. It's all about information. The more you know about your competitor, the more you know your target audience, the more discounts or price advantages you have for the product, there is no obstacle to your success.

Answers to Seven Questions Ensure Success

Emrah Pamuk, who also gave a list to increase the success of the campaigns, made the following suggestions to the brands:

“The first question that needs to be addressed when marketing a brand is to identify the target audience. If a mistake is made from the beginning, the whole system will run incorrectly and the desired result cannot be obtained. Therefore, the responsibilities of a brand are as follows:

Must choose the right product and service to market

It should determine which audience it will offer this product and service to

It should measure the purchasing power and desire to buy of the target audience

Influencer that the audience will see as an opinion leader should be chosen

The campaign content that the influencer will fully address to the audience should be determined

The campaign should be launched in the right social media space, at the right time

Realized marketing results should be analyzed and used for future campaigns


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