Video is at the Top!


In the e-commerce market, where competition is increasing day by day, brands focus on video influencer marketing to reach consumers. While the number of companies, market places and transaction volume in e-commerce continues to increase day by day, campaigns with video content affect consumer habits.

While there were 50 thousand e-commerce sites in Turkey before the global epidemic in 2020, this figure reached 360 thousand during the closure period and 480 thousand today. The turnover of e-commerce companies, which broke a record with 381 billion TL in 2021, an increase of 46 percent compared to the previous year, is expected to exceed the 400 billion band in 2022. Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, underlines that videos affect consumption habits by 26 percent.

Description, subtitle and hashtag work should be done

Consumers want to evaluate the product they will buy within the scope of today's marketing opportunities, just as if they were examining it in a physical store. Video content marketing is one of the most effective marketing efforts that can achieve this. Expressing that each of the video influencer campaigns that will take place on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter should be handled from a different perspective, the video marketing team of Digital Exchange lists its recommendations under three headings.

Video descriptions are important

When doing a video marketing, 40 percent of the viewers decide to watch the video by reading the description part of the videos, 25 percent to 50 percent of the consumers watch the videos without turning the volume up and have the habit of following by reading the subtitles, those who perform a video search by searching for hashtags, and those who call by typing the name of the product in the video. It should be noted that how high.

Video views on each platform are different.

The video viewing rates of each platform are different from each other, YouTube is completely a video content area, but the average of watching videos in this medium is 10 seconds. For this reason, if you want to produce video content for YouTube, it is necessary to focus on identifying the target audience, positioning the right product and finding the influencer that will make a profit for the brand from the very first second. On the other hand, the viewing rate of videos on Twitter has a viewing rate of 82%. For this reason, it should be determined first in which social media field to work and which influencer to cooperate with. Then, a video should be shot that reveals all the features of the product and answers the questions in the mind of the consumer. In addition to the use of detailed hashtags, features such as product description and subtitle foreign language translation for the video should not be neglected.

Men are ahead on Facebook, women on Snapchat

In Turkey, channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat are used respectively. When it comes to video marketing, Facebook is still the leading social media space. Here, men have a 65% usage advantage. In other words, Facebook may be preferred when conducting a study on men. On the other hand, products for women can be brought to the here, as women are 49 percent and men 51 percent, while on YouTube, 65 percent of the user base is women.




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